Life Coaching & Counselling


Healing sessions are available: 
In person or at a distance

Carole assists you to realize your state of wellbeing and to be conscious of how you function in your life. 

Counselling and coaching will help you redirect your life by allowing you the freedom to challenge your perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, and actions, but it will also help you to truly define what your life means to you. 

At some point we all get stuck. We stay where we feel comfortable and forget what we really wanted to accomplish with our life. We find ourselves just going through the motions of day to day life, while hoping for an experience that will shake us out of our rut and make us feel fully alive again.  Counselling/Life coaching is all about getting your control back. Control your life with more satisfaction, health, success, joy, love and excitement.

During the session, you will be able to become conscious of some patterns that you reproduce time after time and you will be able to work on them to finally break apart from them and allow you to feel more freedom inside.  The result will be remarkable as you will be able to transform your life and release those old habits that you once had.  You will be able to finally heal the pain from all the destructive relationships where you let yourself be abused or where you didn’t listen to inner-self, where you put yourself aside.  We will then work together in the present moment for you to achieve a better future.


Carole channels energy in Love and in light and with the highest respect for your journey.  This session is all about creating positive change in your life.

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