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Motivational speaker, life coach, healer, and author, Carole Noël is a powerful and passionate woman who inspires individuals to find peace within their hearts. For the past years, Carole has led seminars and conferences to enable people to find strengths and balance within this crazy world.

Carole’s gift is sharing with others how to achieve well-being through simple ways and actions. By her spiritual guidance, she helps and engages people to find their own inner greatness and provide them with tools to learn how to accept and love themselves just as they are. She inspires with her personal story of the many challenges she went through, how she found her inner sunshine, and how she learned to honour who she is and to become the beautiful woman she is today. She wants everyone to know that they are worthy of their own attention.


You will find in this section, ready-made workshops or retreats.  If you want something tailor-made, we can adapt each workshop to answer your specific needs.  

Available as a workshop in private, in groups or at a distance, as well as a retreat.

Available as a keynote, as well as a retreat.

Spiritual harmonics balance

Available as a workshop, as well as a retreat.


Your True Potential