Make the healing process simple and understandable to make it accessible to humans.


Carole has always been well-surrounded and protected ever since her childhood years; her angels and guides are always ever present and provide her with inspiration to achieve her Life’s Mission on this planet. That Mission is to serve human beings in order to achieve an awakening of their consciousness so that they can attain internal freedom, profound happiness and self-love. Through counselling, energy medicine or naturopathy, Carole provides guidance to her clients so that they can achieve personal healing.  Carole provides her services through three main spheres; Energy, Human Body and Nutrition. It is through this holistic approach where the human being is at the core of this Trilogy that each client can have an awareness of their emotional, physiological or mental problems they may be experiencing.


Through channeling, Carole receives messages which she integrates during therapy sessions which are aimed at addressing each client’s specific needs and reality through respectful modalities to achieve self-love and healing.  Each client is therefore guided towards becoming aware of the various patterns that reproduce themselves time and time again.  By knowing the triggers that initiate such cycles, certain fears and sometime vicious circles, each client can therefore engage and fully integrate a healing process to avoid that such patterns reoccur and repeat themselves.  Carole is a vessel through which such energy and information flow.  These divine messages, received by Carole combined with her scientific background and knowhow, are therefore transmitted and integrated during each therapeutic sessions offered at IntegraSoul.  Each therapy offered is adapted to awaken your true-self, your inner child and your soul in order to attain a peaceful and blissful reconnection with Source Energy.


Carole completed a degree in biology.  She pursued her masters degree in molecular biology.  Ultimately, she completed a degree in education and pedagogy.   She was therefore able to acquire and fully integrate energetic medicine through the pursuit of further studies in the field of science and metaphysics which were more easily grasped and integrated by Carole given her university studies and training.


Carole started her holistic education by devouring a plethora of books and by pursuing her knowledge in various practices and modalities such as mediation, Reiki, “Healing Touch”, Access Bars, breath work, moudras, spiritual alignment and simply by reconnecting with various healing and energies that may cross her path.  Today, Carole is fully conscious that everything that she has lived, experienced and learned are part of her life’s contract and her mission on Earth.  Consequently, her integrity, her compassion, her understanding and her empathy towards those that come to see her for therapy allow her to provide healing through her heart without judgment.  Her studies in biology provide her with a more acute knowledge and understanding of the human body and its basic and complex functioning mechanism.  Her teaching experience allows her to better explain and simplify otherwise complex concepts in the field of biology and physiology to all of her clients.  The life’s challenges and adversities she has gone through have allowed her to better understand and appreciate what each human being may experience inside so that she can better align them in implementing best practices and strategies through better energies so that they can achieve true and complete healing. 


At the core of Carole’s life’s mission is love and light; this is what nourishes her on a daily basis so as to be at the service of each and every human being that she encounters on her life’s path.


We are all energy based as numerous scientific experiments conducted by Enlightened Masters such as Albert Einstein have proven.  Do you accept to step into the next realm to realign your profound inner self so as to achieve complete healing and reach your true internal peace? If so, then feel free to contact IntegraSoul for a first session so as to reach your true happiness and internal bliss and liberty.



Carole Noël/IntegraSoul

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