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Carole helps human beings to care about themselves, and it is through this path of love that lasting healing occurs. Through counselling and channeling, Carole chooses from several different therapeutic modalities, rather than relying upon just one, to empower you with means towards your healing and to allow you to be active and reflective in decisions regarding your health and wellbeing.


Carole’s goal is to help you be in charge of your body and become fully responsible for your life holistically.


From a very young age, Carole has been sensitive to energy and to what she can do to help in any healing process. She played with the wind, imaginary friends, angels, and guides who helped her to create magic potions that she believed could heal the sick. 


Eventually, Carole put away that part of her childhood and began to focus on the fact-based evidence of science. Carole studied anatomy and physiology; specializing in biology, and after completing her post-graduate degree, she undertook a program in education and eventually taught science in high school.

Even though Carole had great success as a teacher and raised two beautiful children as a single parent, she had to face very significant challenges in her life. Ignoring her own intuition and denying who she truly was created turmoil and difficult moments in her life. It wasn’t until she began to ‘see’ again after the loss of a loved-one in 1999, that Carole started to listen to her intuitive self and to her body. With the passage of time, Carole began to heal. 

Carole started her holistic education by reading voraciously; studying meditation, Reiki, Healing Touch, the bars, naturopathy, spiritual alignment and reconnection.  She undertook many different healing and energy modalities and carried out deeper learning on anything having to deal with energy. Everything that Carole has experienced and learned has led her to where she is today and who she has become: a committed energy messenger, spirit guide and naturopathic counselor. Working as a biologist and a teacher helped Carole to understand how the body works; teaching science has allowed her to be able to explain difficult concepts to people in simple terms that they can understand; and her personal journey with all the struggles that has confronted has helped her to empathize with how others struggle, so that she, in turn, can help them without judgement. Over the years, Carole has been able to integrate and make efficient use of all of the things that she has learned. Because of her own life experience, Carole is able to appreciate what other humans have been through, she can relate with them and is able to completely help and listen with empathy and compassion.  Love and light are what guides her in her life’s mission on Earth.


Carole has always believed that the body has the miraculous ability to heal itself. Her unique background in both metaphysical energy and science allows her to respect and integrate traditional medicine with energy medicine practices. 

Carole is a pure channel — like a garden hose watering flowers — providing and sharing messages and energy from both her angels and guides, and your angels and guides. Carole is simply a vessel through which such energy and information flows.


More peace in your heart…more peace on this Earth