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Lots of new ventures in wellbeing, in Energy, nutrition, your body and exercise.

The News will guide you to current activities and new technics that are tailored especially for you. 

It is also through my angels and guides, and in IntegraSoul’s name, that we wish to convey our utmost appreciation for the confidence and faith that you have placed in IntegraSoul by choosing to embark in your respective self-healing process.  It takes great courage, effort and discipline to start a new life adventure of learning to let go, of healing and in order to finally be able to bask in your newfound freedom.  We are proud of each and every single one of you who decides every day to choose love, light and freedom in order to achieve internal peace and true happiness.


Peace, love and light, true freedom and happiness.

Carole Noël


New Year



The New Year will be a great opportunity for the opening of the heart.  It’s as if your conscience, which has been trapped in your head all throughout this time, will finally ascend to its rightful place: your heart.


2020 is a year which is centred toward the heart in that the number 2 represents autonomy and independence while still remaining in partnership and in connection with others with the ultimate goal of achieving harmony forming in synergy with the number 0 which represents such equilibrium and balance.  In effect, 0 evokes infinity, unity and connection with the greater whole.


2020 will be a year where harmony and divine equilibrium will be central in your perception of a greater and better world; where dreams and opportunities are unlimited.  You will be able to go further; to forge ahead with all of your projects, your growth, your sharing experiences and your transformations...  This awaking that you have been undergoing for a number of years now will remind you to live differently and more importantly, you will now be able to learn and experience in 1 year what could have otherwise taken 10 years.  This acceleration feeling will continue to unfold throughout the year and don’t be surprised if things proceed at lightening speed over the course of the year.  Many of you are here to shed and free yourselves from old patterns that have repeated over many lifetimes.


At IntegraSoul, we remain at your service in order to continue guiding you through your life’s path and purpose.  Stay connect to learn more about new activities and services.


We are very greatful for your trust and love.


Lots of Happiness and peace throughout this wonderful year.


Many blessings



New products just for you and your wellbeing


At its essence, IntegraSoul is a human based enterprise established to answer and respond to human needs.  Our mission is to provide services and products that serve to increase your happiness and wellbeing on this planet.


The products we offer will allow you to provide for your needs in terms of appeasement and perhaps even to open the doors to the cure of your aches, pains and discomforts. We offer of wide array of products that will be available starting now.  You just need to assess the Shop; https://www.integrasoul.ca/shop

with love,



New events to finish 2018 in Peace!


We are happy to welcome you in our office on Sunday Novembre 25 at 1 pm till 4 pm.  It is the time of the year to find special gift for your love ones and to find new products for you as well.  On that day, you will be able to ask questions on the products and services, to buy products, new synergies and jewels.  We will have some salt for bath and mask for your face. 

We invite you to visit us on Sunday November 25 at 1 pm till 4 pm at 3139 Principale-ouest Dieppe.


New Session for you!

Beginning on November 15, 2018, we will offer a new session.  We will prepare a synergy just for you at the end of your session.  This mix of Essential oils will be prepare with your energy and by channelling your angels and guides, we will give you your special synergy at the end of your session.  This synergy will be yours and will be created just for you and your present energy.   The healing with this synergy will be powerful! The price of the session will include the session with this special synergy. 

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''The greatest fear in the world is the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom.''