If I could rate this higher than 5, I would. Do you have anxiety? Do you have a lack of trust in people? Do you feel like no one understands you? Do you feel like you are in a black hole and you just can't get out? These are some of the battles I had when I started seeing Carole. I had done a lot of work on myself with the help of friends to deal with things, and if it hadn’t been for them I might not be here today. What I learned from Carole is that you can get better in a lot of ways but if you don't go to the root of the problem and deal with what started it all, it's just like a band aid and at some point in your life the wound will open again and you will not be able to live a happy life. We all have our struggles and if we learn to manage them in a good and healthy way, we will be able to be happy with ourselves.

I met Carole in Nov, 2016 and I still see her every month or so. I was in a dark place when I first saw Carole but I didn’t realize how bad I was because the anger and blame was stopping me from loving myself. Since the first session, she told me that I was safe to yell, get mad even scream at the top of my lungs. I had a hard time trusting people and it took me a long time to trust her. I had steel walls up so no one would ever hurt me again. Carole had a hard time making me see that I was safe when I was in her office. No matter how stupid I thought my thinking or feelings were, Carole always understood. She made me see why I was feeling a certain way so I could understand and work on it. I have gone to see psychologists in my life time and one of them made me sign a piece of paper to say that if she saw that I was a danger to myself, she had the right to admit me to the hospital. That is one thing that always stopped me from opening up completely to a professional. It was one of the issues I had to trust someone completely and to get to the root of my feelings. No matter how nervous I was/am she is always able to calm me down. I've always been scared to work with my deep feelings because of my anxiety and attacks I take, but the last time I saw Carole she was able to control my anxiety. She didn't send me to the hospital to be admitted as she promised to never do that.

Carole is understanding, loving and very compassionate. She never judges. I've always done what she suggested as exercises to be a better me. I'm trusting the process.

Carole Melanson

Sitting here jotting down my experience at" Integrasoul "with Carole Noel is somewhat like explaining or telling a beautiful story of a great gift I’ve received…I will never be able to explain the gratitude I am feeling in saying how so very blessed I have been to meet her and to have her help me through hard times.

When Carole crossed my path in the early 2000’s…Having gone through many experiences like many of us.I can truly say that the lows were very low and the ups were often after coming out of a session with her.

I was going to write down a few of the many turmoils and turning points of my life into details but then again we all have our stories and baggages and different experiences we need to go through to be able to grow and really teach us what life has put on our road of life.We actually need the good and the bad to get to where we are meant to be. The universe has it all planned and actually we choose it “ All ". 

Carole showed me to see the light when everything seemed dark…she gave me the tools I need to make it one step at a time …to understand what it truly meant to forgive and to truly feel love in your heart.

I can say that either you are sitting down with Carole for a talk,lying down for a spiritual massage or simply listening to her sing, the experience is wonderful.If you feel the need to grow and you are truly ready to make the changes needed in your life to make the turn around “Integrasoul”with Carole is the answer.She is an Angel.

Thank you so much Carole ,the healing you have given me, is a gift from above and  you are a true connection.

Merci a l’infini. Xox

T. M.

My name is Marielle ,Carole came into my life,because I was ready...Carole helped get rid of a lot of stuff that didn't belong to me.Stuff that had taken over my energy field and was affecting my physical body.After and or meanwhile we worked together on life coaching ,I stabilized my working scheduled,with her help,my determination I found my beautiful Self..


Working with Carole for me is pushing a FF button on my evolution,no other form of therapy had done that for me before.I did my homework and the results are very rewarding.


Carole has become a wonderful companion on my spiritual path.Even today when my life is totally mine I still see Carole monthly.


Thank you to a wonderful client who shared her deepest secret and gave me Carole's info.


Thank You Carole

With deep gratitude - Marielle

Hi Carole, 

I wanted to reach out to you to express my heart felt gratitude, and love for you and everything that you helped me achieve in my life.

You helped me to free myself and find me.  Over this last year, I have found my strength.  There are days that I still struggle, but I now have the tools to get through them and not let those days take control. 

You were and still are a blessing in my life. 

There are not enough words to express just how thankful I am. 

Many blessing to you Carole, so grateful for having you in my life.

M. Geikie

It is easy to recognize Carole because she is a like a sunshine and a source of life whose wisdom and Love are flowing all around her.  It is always a good feeling being around her.  The light that comes from her is a source of a wonderful energy by itself and it is beneficial for every human being.

J. Nadeau

She promotes wellbeing in all people. The books she has written are inspirational for children and adults. She has conducted training and workshops in regards to workplace wellbeing, career changes for women, professional and self fulfillment in business, balancing personal and work life for NB school administrators and is planning to continue her inspiration to people.  She is a gracious, passionate person whose life goal is to inspire greatness in others. She has put herself on the front lines of making a difference for the better here in the greater Moncton area and beyond!

Thank you

D. Parker

Very spiritual and I like how Carole related this to her own life


Carole was a wonderful motivational speaker. I felt empowered after hearing Her speak.


Wonderful, powerful, beautifully spoken presentation.


Very passionate and inspirational speaker.