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Goddess Cream

Is a cream that is paraben free and odorless which is perfect for very sensitive skin which cannot stand most industry made creams available on the market. This cream is produced during a new moon and the ingredients are macerated for a period of one month. During the assembly of the ingredients a ritual is done so that this cream stimulates healing and regeneration of the tissues for an illumination of your essence. During the manufacturing process, a daily ritual is conducted for a period of one month in order to intensify the healing that will be promoted within this mix. On the next new moon, we prepare the cream with the ingredients previously macerated in addition to all the others used to produce this prodigy. You will find almond oil, Vitamin C, D and K that have skin repairing elements in addition to providing increased elasticity and regeneration of dead skin cells. This cream does not stick and its absorption level is at its maximum.


How to use: You can use it for your face and your whole body. You will be in love with this cream that will give you a beautiful Goddesslike look!


100 ml

Goddess Cream