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The "Happy Charm" Bracelet from IntegraSoul

Following in-depth reflection on means to accompany you at all times, IntegraSoul has called upon the services of Marie Trésor jewelry to assemble a bracelet made especially for you, my loyal clients, which will bring you “Happy Charm” on a continuous basis.   Three sacred rituals accompany each of these bracelets to maintain a harmonious balance in your life in addition to stimulating healing, happiness, peace and love.


These bracelets are created with peridots, citrines and indigo lavas that perfectly identify the colours and essence of IntegraSoul.


Here are the significance and purpose of each stone which comprises the bracelet:

Peridots will bring healing to the liver by attracting love and improving your spirituality. This stone has the capacity to remove the dark thoughts, to protect against negative energy and it consolidates the confidence in oneself. In short, the peridot will take care of you by removing bad influences from others, whether psychological or microbial. Peridot is associated with the chakra of the heart and it corresponds to the breath and to the love. It has a soothing and calming effect on the human being and soul.


Citrine is a stone full of joie de vivre. By wearing it, it will elevate your state of being to bring you to more optimism. Citrine is excellent against depression and blues and can help you eliminate negative or passive attitudes. As a result, you will have more motivation and positivity. Citrine makes it possible to radiate your interior to overcome your fears and prejudices and to help you assert yourself. Citrine brings vitality and can be used against diabetes disorders.


Lava contains the energy of fire. It is a very good rooting stone that can create a strong bond with the earth through your roots. Lava makes you happy and spontaneous. It is a reconstruction stone. It helps to separate from its past and its difficulties. It is perfect to start on a better basis and better face the future.  Volcanic, it is a stone of fire which acts in depth on the unconscious and helps to find the balance. She encourages to explore the unknown to overcome limits. Thanks to her, you will open your horizons and learn to know you better. The lava also helps to better manage your emotions and to keep them in sync. It resolves tension and also helps to manage anger. Its action on your unconscious will help heal the trauma of the past and move forward more easily. The lava will also reduce muscle and nerve tensions that are often related to stress.


This stone is special because you will have the opportunity to add your favourite essential oil!


IntegraSoul would like to thank jeweller Mariette Damboise of Marie Trésor for her inspiring and thoughtful creativity. We are very grateful to have been able to develop and achieve this divine partnership.

"Happy Charm" Bracelet by IntegraSoul