Himalayan Tibetan Incense Sticks

Tibetan incense is harvested on the slopes of the Himalayas. After being reduced to powder, they are agglomerated with water and only water. The dough thus obtained is then rolled by hand to form sticks which will be cut and then dried in the sun. No chemical substitute of any kind is included in their composition. They are products of a rare purity whose recipe elaborated by wise and recognized doctors of the different Tibetan spiritual schools remains secret. Depending on the variety, Tibetan incense contains between 25 and 130 sometimes rare and precious ingredients! According to their composition, some Tibetan incenses are used in religion for meditation and ritual offerings as well as ceremonies. Others in medicine for their soothing and relaxing virtues able to harmonize and relieve energy tensions and imbalances. They will then treat insomnia, stress and nervous tension. Tibetan incense will promote spiritual and physical well-being and concentration. They can also be used to purify a place, to make a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. Himalayan Tibetan is specially used to stimulate happiness and peace.


How to use: Place your stick in an incense holder or in a bowl containing sand and light the tip.


10 x Incense Stick

Himalayan Tibetan Incense Sticks


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