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Palo Santo Sticks

This pleasantly scented wood has calming properties. It is also used as incense. As it burns, Palo santo produces a smoke that cleans and purifies the atmosphere against evil spirits, energies and negative forces. You can use it to completely clean cars, to avoid breakdowns and accidents. It is also used to purify homes, to protect them and their inhabitants. It is also used to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, headaches, colds and inflammation.


How to use: Take a piece of wood Palo Santo and turn it on. Once on, blow to get a fire. Cinders will release a smoke that contains the magic aroma of wood and any potential benefit. Surround yourself with this smoke. However, not everybody likes to breathe smoke. In this case, the wood can be boiled in hot water to create an infusion of Palo Santo.


Other use: The Palo Santo can also be used as an oil, which is then heated or vaporized for a much more pleasant sensation for the lungs.


1 x Stick

Palo Santo Stick