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Pure Soul Essence Mist

Is a liquid containing a mixture of essential oils and medicinal plants that are macerated in alcohol for one month starting from a new moon to another. This essence is produced during a new moon and the ingredients are macerated for a period of one month. During the assembly of the ingredients a ritual is made so that this essence stimulates the positive around you by removing and eliminating all the negative energies. You will immediately feel a lightness upon its first use! A daily ritual is made for a period of one month to intensify the purpose of this essence which is to stimulate positivity  and your well-being. During the next new moon, we bottle this precious liquid previously macerated by doing a final ritual.


How to use: You spray in your hands by rubbing them together and breathe in the aromas once or twice. Spray around you and you will automatically feel the benefit of immediate lightness. Spray on your pillow and sheets for a deep sleep. Spray in places where you meet a lot of people to eliminate the heavy and sometimes negative energies which may exist from such group interactions. Spray wherever you feel it all  just to change the air! You will be quickly amazed and above all, your environment will be more positive for you!


125 ml

Pure Soul Essence Mist