Sage and Copal Blend

It's a special blend designed to purify your environment and accommodate your creativity. The smoke from the copal will bring you to be more and more inspired to new ideas. You will be more inclined to happiness and recognition. Sage is a medicinal herb that helps to release negativity, reduce stress and improve your motivation and intellectual abilities. It is also been shown that it is of great help for the symptoms of menopause. The contents include a piece of coal, a stick of sage from Peru and Copal resin. For many uses.


How to use: Take the sage stick and turn it on. Blow the fire to get a firebrand. On the shrine put a piece of Copal on it. Bring the stick with the smoke around you and in places to clean energetically and breathe. You can surround yourself with this smoke whenever you feel a drop in energy motivation.

Sage and Copal Blend

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