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We are more than just our physical bodies. We are energy!


With Energy modalities and our work, we provide solutions and guide people in different stages of their lives to help them find more peace, love, a better direction and to make decisions in their lives.  


Each session will put you on a path to reach your highest state of well-being, where you will find serenity and unconditional love, and where you will get rid of what you no longer need.


By channeling your angels and guides and our angels and guides, and by using different energy modalities for your highest good and your highest healing energy, we will work on your energy field and your body to correct imbalances on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  During your healing sessions, messages will be delivered to you with respect, love and light to guide you throughout in your journey. 


As a clairsentient medium, Carole combines her healing work with her skills and gifts to help you discover your true self; with Carole’s channeling, you will be able to finally discover the way you are functioning in life and find your true sense of purpose.  This understanding will bring you into a state of consciousness and enable you to embark more deeply into your healing journey.​

The many benefits you can expect from your sessions include:
  •        Reduction and/or healing of physical and emotional pain

  •        Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

  •        Greater clarity and focus

  •        Reduction or elimination of stress and anxiety

  •        Renewed hope for the future

  •        Letting go of fears, limitations, restrictions and old mental patterns

  •        Strengthened intuition and access to your inherent gifts

  •        Healing of past traumas

  •        Clearing blocks

  •        Clearing of negative energy, thought forms, or entities

  •        Increased energy, health, and vitality

  •        Embark on an easy, positive, and graceful journey

  •        Reach your higher potential/release your hidden potential

  •        More conscious

  •        Balance your energy and your life

  •        Improve your vitality

  •        Stimulate your creativity

  •        Bring harmony to your natural self

  • ·      Find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment

Workshops & Conferences

Energy Medecine

in Person or by Distance.


in Person or by Distance.

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