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Spiritual Harmonics Balance


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In this workshop/ retreat, you’ll discover how we all live in an environment where the only constant is change.

Changes in both our personal and professional lives are simply a part of our day-to-day lives. Many times you just feel that there is a lack of coherence between your speech, your actions, and your thoughts.  You feel more and more lost as time passes, and you do things that you don’t necessarily want to do. 

This retreat workshop is designed to give you clear, concise steps to put yourself in a state of consciousness using and learning tools to help you move yourself into real actions toward your goals.  We will give you tools, strategies, techniques, and time for you to discover and explore all of these things, after which you will be able to make the most of your day-to-day interactions toward reaching a positive outcome.

You will be able to reduce the potential for misunderstanding and miscommunication; ultimately, you will be empowered to increase your level of happiness, reach your goals with clarity, and be aware of who you truly are, and learn to utilize your own strengths to reach your greatest potential.


In this exclusive retreat or through a workshop, you will take the time to understand every situation and concern in order to effectively facilitate the process. We provide whatever is required as proper follow-up techniques to ensure appropriate results and success for all.


We will have time in this retreat to focus on a one-on-one relationship for each individual’s journey, in order to assist you in achieving specific results through personal, professional, and family development.


 You will be able to:

  1.      Examine your personal skills, behaviors, and character;

  2.      Realize and be conscious of your speech, actions and thoughts;

  3.      Receive a true assessment of yourself;

  4.      Express yourself with the knowledge that your fears, concerns, and challenges will be kept confidential and will remain within the group;

  5.      Learn different techniques, tools, and strategies to clearly define your harmonic spiritual balance within yourself;

  6.      Use these strengths to your full potential;

  7.      Understand what other people are saying, reducing the potential for misunderstanding and miscommunication;

  8.      Gain information by focusing on, and really listening to, what other people are saying;

  9.      Learn how you function in your life and be conscious of your weaknesses and strengths;

  10.    Learn about patterns that human beings reproduce in their lives;

  11.    Learn how to manage conflicts, and handle difficult situations by learning about your own patterns;

  12.    Make a positive impact on the quality of your life and your surroundings just by changing some of your actions;

  13.    Create a relaxed action plan that integrates different modalities with your current schedules;

  14.    Accept the way your life has passed;

  15.    Experience an insightful opportunity to expand yourself;

  16.    Gain practical tips toward accessing untapped potential.


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