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In your life, we want to improve your abilities because someone, somewhere told you that you need to know the HOW! And, we just follow. Suddenly, you know all about the HOW, you are happy and motivated about it, BUT after a while something is missing.  You feel that you have a lot of information, lots of HOW to do things and a lot of dust is thereby collected!


The problem is that we simply did not integrate the entire HOW into uor lives.  WHY?  Exactly: WHY? Because we simply did not know WHY we do things, we don’t really know WHY we do what we do; we simply just do it, because someone told us that it would be good for us!  Is that the way you want to live your life? Or do you want to know WHY you live it? By knowing the WHY, your life will be easier; it will be more joyful, fulfilling and simpler.  You will stop doing things to sabotage yourself!


The WHY will help you to filter your decisions, your choices! You will be able to choose from all the advice and information you received in the past, and keep just what is aligned with your WHY.


You will have more energy and more time for yourself; you’ll be more productive, more efficient, and the decisions you make will be aligned with what you really want. You’ll feel calmer and more relaxed, and you’ll have more fun and be more balanced!


Do you want this?



Register for this amazing day/retreat where you will finally design your own pathway and you will choose your own life, the one which is aligned with your WHY!


In this keynote/retreat, you will learn:

  1.      Self-awareness: Why are you doing what you do?

  2.      Self- management: Why would you want to manage your emotions?

  3.      Social awareness: Why would you want to have more competencies in your social life?

  4.      Relationship management: Why would you want to have better relationships in your life?

  5.      To define YOURself and have more freedom in your life.

  6.      To be ready for the life always wanted … WHY not?


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