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Find a class perfect for you and reserve your spot to attend our virtual group yoga and meditation classes, lead by Isabelle, our instructor.

Classes by Isabelle

Classes by Carole

*Please note that all classes are presented in Atlantic Day Time (ADT).



Isabelle is a yoga teacher from New-Brunswick, Canada who now resides in Bali, Indonesia. Isabelle received her first 200H Hatha & Vinyasa YTT certification through East+West, studying under Deep Kumar and Vijeth Kumar. In the months that followed, she completed her 50H Power & Vinyasa YTT trough East+West, studying under Paul Teodo and Byron de Marsé. 

Her yoga journey began in 2013 and has been ongoing ever since. The amazing teachers she has learnt from have inspired the growth of her passion for the practice, leading her to the path she is on now, where she gets to share her profound knowledge with others. 

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa yoga is a creative form of yoga. Yoga poses are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence. 

Power Flow

Power yoga classes are active and strong. Staying in poses for 3 to 5 breaths focusing on strengthening the body and building a strong foundation.

Stretching Flow

Stretching a specific group of muscles to improve the elasticity. To result in feeling an increased muscle control, flexibility, and range of motion. 

Alignments / Back to Basics

Going back to the beginning and relearning the correct alignments of all positions.

Children’s Yoga

Yoga for children is a form of modern yoga designed for children. It includes poses to increase strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Meditation is a practice where we will use different techniques to train attention and awareness and create a mental and emotional clearness.